greet the dawn is a consulting company based in boulder colorado that is focused on providing affordable, sustainable, clean energy solutions to health and education facilities that do not have access to electricity.

working with like-minded companies and non-profit organizations, greet the dawn also coordinates and assists in the delivery of these solutions throughout the world. we have first hand field experience implementing solar systems and solutions that provide light for learning, power for vaccine refrigerators and water pumps, and the ability to use modern medical equipment.

greet the dawn is a dedicated reseller of sunflower solution's precisun, the worlds first manually adjusted solar power tracking system. being able to track the sun's path manually provides up to 40% more energy than roof mounted systems that are stationary. sunflower's uniquely innovative design allows for these units to be easily transported, installed, adjusted, and maintained. the racks were also made to accommodate any solar panel currently manufactured.

the percent efficiency of sunlight converted into useable power
the percent efficiency of sunlight converted into useable power


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